Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to Make a fashion Statement

We all want to stand out from the crowd, look different and be identifiable; call it personality branding if you will. The way you dress is a great way to do this; fashion does speak.

If people are watching you then you need this especially if you're a public figure or expecting to become one.Here are some tips on how to do this without peacocking.

1. (Choose your message) What do you want your outfit to say? Define the statement. If you don't know what to say how will you say it?

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

TY Bello: Woman crush Tuesday

Toyin Sokefun-Bello (born 14 January),  popularly known as TY Bello, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, photographer and philanthropist.

Before she set out to pursue a solo career, she was a member of the defunct gospel band Kush. TY Bello is also a member of the Nigerian photography collective, Depth of Field. She is best known for her singles “Greenland”, “Ekundayo”, “This Man”, “Freedom” and “Funmise”.
TY Bello is an indigene of Ogun State of Nigeria. She studied economics at the University of Lagos. After her studies, she practiced journalism for a while and then went into photography. This is where she really hit the motherload.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Dear Fam, How Una Dey?

Hey guys!!! I've been a little off and on lately am sure you've begun to notice. I'm so so sorry guys. Been working on a lot lately trying to set up my online store plus work. I must say it has not been easy. But I will try my best to be here whenever I can to give you inspiring and enlightening content.
Nonetheless very soon everything will normalize and I will be back in full swing. Been working with a couple of brands lately and so I took these while having loads of fun on the job lol; and guess who was the model, yours truly. Life of a brand consultant. This will be the first time I show my pictures in a post.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Boss girl Rock

Who said boss chicks can't rock. My company is in talks with a group called Ladies in Oil and Gas and their name struck me. And I thought to myself there are women in oil and gas who like to look good too. From oil bloc owners to engineers all of them ladies. This ones for you ladies.

Make-up Essentials for the Classy Bosschick

Its no news that acing makeup hundred percent of the time is a girls dream but is it really achievable? I mean not all of us are professional makeup artists but hey, we would like to draw our eyebrows to match and get the right tone after blending our foundation; I know I would. lol. I walked into a studio for a photo shoot and a lady walked up to me and asked me what make up brands I used and how I used it. I'm not a fan of artificial make up although all makeup is artificial right. I love simple but classy makeup.
But for an affordable yet classy makeup you'd need the following essentials.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Omotola Jalade :Woman Crush

Omotola Jalade Ekehinde also known as OmoSexy, of Ondo descent, was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. Growing up in a family of five, her original ambition was to work in business management. While awaiting her results from university, she began modeling to earn a living. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Boujee Brides Maid

Hey guys! So the week end is here again and the wedding bells are rolling in. Prepping for brides maids duties can be a crazy bug but being a "CHIEF" brides maid and choosing a dress at the last minute is like walking on thin ice. You get it wrong and you're toast. I have chief brides maid duties in three months and I still don't know what to wear. But you're in luck cos we got you covered. Here are some ideas.....
For those of you who like it short this is a great fit for you.
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Monday, 31 July 2017

How to Dress for the kill: Diary of an unrelenting woman

Hey guys !!! I have a meeting tomorrow with a client but on this rather unique scenario I seem to be confused as to what to wear: don't we all sometimes? I always like to go for a bold yet feminine look but sometimes you just don't want to "dress-up".
But get this, regardless of whether you're in the mood for dress up or dress down  you have to dress up and come forward looking sharp and ready for business. Your smart appearance may help you land that big gig you've been spying. Remember, the world steps aside for the woman who knows where shes going...
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Monday, 24 July 2017

These dolls may Outsell Barbie: Taofik Okoya's Queens Of Africa

Taofik Okoya is the CEO of Queens of Africa Dolls. These dolls are colored and fiiine. Black to be specific. He decided to start building his own dolls when he couldn't find his niece a doll that "looked like her". So he researched making a doll that Nigerian girls could identify with: one with their skin color and traditional African fashion. And so Queens of Africa was born and is aggressively taking on the popular doll brand Barbie.
Queens of Africa, is the black doll line thats outselling Barbie in Nigeria. Started as a personal mission seven years ago and now making big bucks. To add to it, Fans are loving it...  

Hilda Dokubo is Our Woman Crush Monday

Our entrepreneur spotlight today is on the beautiful,Intelligent, humble and ever elegant Hilda Dokubo. Did I hear you say 'But she is not an entrepreneur, she an actress'. Well it pleases me to let you know that her personal Brand that we all know and have come to love is her Business. This makes her an Entrepreneur. 
She is Best known for her ability to "Cry for Africa", lol, and her beautiful smile that can vanquish the forces of evil.

Hat Frenzy at Royal Ascot 2017

The Royal Ascot was nothing short of amazing this year. Every year Royal Ascot is attended by Elizabeth II and other members of the British Royal Family arriving each day in a horse-drawn carriage with the Royal procession taking place at the start of each race day and the raising of the Queens Royal Standard. It is a major event in the British social calender, and press coverage of the attendees and what they are wearing often exceeds coverage of the actual racing. It was lit wit a little 'Omg' on the side. There were classics and  the "oh not so classy".Would you  wear these? Comments are always welcome.Take a look...

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Nigerian Muse

Hey guys! Hope your weekend was as fun as mine. Today I want to share some fashion photos in honor of all the ladies who manage to Slay in Native Fashion. I don't know how they do it but they manage to nail it. I personally have a thing for English wears but my mom has a way of compelling me to wear native fashion. Only She has that power. lol. Enjoy.
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Entrepreneurs Platform Summit 2.0

The Entrepreneurs Platform international (EPI) , on the 20th of July 2017 held its second edition Entrepreneurial Summit. The Event was tagged "WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND" and was fun and enlightening as always.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Elegantly Simple

Patterned dresses are the way to go when you don't feel like wasting time putting together many pieces of what to wear but still want to look elegant. Patterns have a way of bringing life to any fabric no matter how small. I sometimes feel like they just dance on the fabric while you strut your stuff. Lol
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Blazer Euphoria

Hey guys! Its been a while but it feels so great to be back. If you know me well then you'll know of my love for jackets. The week is young so our clothes should say "Young and Strong". Make a  fashion statement this week at the office with a nice blazer jacket.

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Friday, 30 June 2017

Celine Dion Steps out in Balmain Outfit worth Over $10,000

Celine Dion stepped out in Paris dressed in a Balmain outfit worth an estimated $10,660. The piece that caught eyes was her $7773 Croc skin coat. Personally, I'm not feeling this whole outfit. I always say you're never too old to chase your dreams but when it comes to fashion , there are some clothes and trends that do not apply to certain age groups and hence should not be touched let alone worn by them. You're still my Hero Celine. I still love you.
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Chinese Woman Faints After Breaking Expensive Bracelet While Trying it on

A woman fainted in shock after breaking a Bracelet worth 34,000 pounds by accident while trying it on at a shop in china. This one is just Hilarious. If you cannot afford it why try it on in the first place. Lets hope she learns her lesson with this.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fashion Fail: Ese Eriata

Fake BB Naija housemate, Ese Eriata, wore this ensemble to the launch of model, Olajumoke's TV series last weekend. Yay or Naaa? what do you think?

E-Money Celebrates Wife in Stunning new Photos

Five Star Music CEO, E-Money took to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife who turned a year older today. He shared stunning new photos of her and had this to say;
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Date Night Friday

Friday is just around the corner and we all know Friday to be date night, so for the stylish boss chick, this is a nice ensemble to try out. Pair this with a small purse preferably clutch and you're well on your way to stealing the night.

How to Make a fashion Statement

We all want to stand out from the crowd, look different and be identifiable; call it personality branding if you will. The way you dress is ...