Monday, 24 July 2017

These dolls may Outsell Barbie: Taofik Okoya's Queens Of Africa

Taofik Okoya is the CEO of Queens of Africa Dolls. These dolls are colored and fiiine. Black to be specific. He decided to start building his own dolls when he couldn't find his niece a doll that "looked like her". So he researched making a doll that Nigerian girls could identify with: one with their skin color and traditional African fashion. And so Queens of Africa was born and is aggressively taking on the popular doll brand Barbie.
Queens of Africa, is the black doll line thats outselling Barbie in Nigeria. Started as a personal mission seven years ago and now making big bucks. To add to it, Fans are loving it...  

Taofik Okoya

 Queens of Africa Dolls

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