Monday, 24 July 2017

Hilda Dokubo is Our Woman Crush Monday

Our entrepreneur spotlight today is on the beautiful,Intelligent, humble and ever elegant Hilda Dokubo. Did I hear you say 'But she is not an entrepreneur, she an actress'. Well it pleases me to let you know that her personal Brand that we all know and have come to love is her Business. This makes her an Entrepreneur. 
She is Best known for her ability to "Cry for Africa", lol, and her beautiful smile that can vanquish the forces of evil.

That aside, she has her hands in so many other pies of business.

Hilda Dokubo is a Nigerian film actress and youth advocate who once served as special adviser on youth affairs to Peter Odili, a former governor of Rivers State.
Born as the first of six children she fought against odds to cater for herself and her younger ones.

Dokubo made her screen debut during her national Youth Service(NYSC) in a 1992 film titled Evil Passion. She has since been featured and has produced several Nigerian movies. Upon starring in a supporting role in a 2015 film titled Stigma, Dokubo won Best Actress in Supporting Role at the 11th African Movie Academy Award.

She is currently the Executive Director, CREATESTARS Media works and Production She is also an activist, humanitarian and a Life Coach.

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