Saturday, 28 January 2017

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

President Trump bans federal funding for Abortion

U.S President D.Trump on Monday signed a decree barring U.S federal funding for foreign NGO's that support abortion. Hmmm

Trump orders removal of islamic symbols from the white house

President Trump orders the removal of Islamic symbols and even prayer mats. He says America was built on Christian morals. And according the head of the white house transition transformation team "Mr trump doesn't see the need  to provide prayer rugs and false idols in a house built by Christians.......Patriots around the U.S can rest assured that apologizing for our faith has come to an end". Way to go Trump.

Mercy Aigbe Gentry looks hot in black

Celebrity Mercy Aigbe Gentry steps out in all black save for the shoes. Nice combo. me i want to be like you when i grow up Aunty Mercy.

N37.4billion on Pensions for Ex-Governors

More than N37.367 billion was reportedly expended on servicing 47 former governors in pension payments and provision of houses ,staff, and vehicles replaceable between three and four years. After they will say there is recession.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Gambia Missing $$$Millions

Following the departure of Yahya Jammeh into exile it has been declared that more than $11million (approximately 9 Million Pounds) is missing from Gambia's State coffers. Luxury cars and other items were reportedly lodged onto the plane. Typical. Where then did the money go, I wander?

N143bn ghost workers Scam

EFCC has filed Charges against five official who allegedly paddedFG payroll with approximately 50,000 ghost workers. will this case see the light of day? if this money is recovered what will it be used for.

Minister for Labour and Productivity moves to APC

Former minister for Labour and Productivity ,Sen, Joel Ikenya has announced his defection from the Peoples democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressive Congress (APC). But please oh... Who and who is APC and who and who is in PDP, because they cross carpet so much I,ve lost track. And secondly is APC and PDP the only party in Nigeria. why don't they defect to parties like UNDP and Labour Party. lol

Big Brother Naija Hosted in Johannesburg, SA

It beats me that the popular Big Brother Nigeria now Big Brother Naija, is being hosted in Johannesburg South Africa. Although the organisers have given valid reasons for this ranging from poor and epileptic power supply to non availability of specific infrastructure it still doesn't change the fact that it speaks volume on their level of  patriotism. But who cares, if it makes the business wheel run why not. its not as if the Nigeria itself  cares about patriotism. Non the lesss lets try to promote Patriotism. *winks*

Tinubu lends help to disgraced Yahya Jammeh

Tinubu on Saturday lent his private jet to yahya jammeh for his extraction from his country.The plane accomodated Yahya Jammeh, his wife, and his mother. Jammeh was flown to Equitorial Guinea where he will be on exile. Tinubu said he has done this out of good will and to restore peace. My own question now is What is in it for Tinubu?

Tonto Dikeh: Back to school project

Tonto Dikeh amidst marital crisis has decided to channel her positive energies towards her Back to School project which Targets 1000 underprivileged children. the project being flagged under her Tonto Dikeh Foundation aims to return 1000 unprivileged children to school while providing educational supplies. Thanks Tonto. we glad to hear some good news from your side.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Protests Against Trump

There seems to be a large wave of opposition to trumps Government. This was made evident by the marches that took place in strategic positions around America. and yes one was held in Antartica. with this massive opposition few ours into Trumps inauguration, one cannot help but wander, Will Trump Last? only time will tell hehehe.

Fresh Kaduna Killing

The Kaduna police recently confirmed an attack on Zankan village, in Kaura LGA, Kaduna. It was said that one person was killed and five others injured. Hmmm. God help us.

Is Buhari Dead?

Recent rumors have speculated the death of President Muhamadu Buhari. but how true they are, we cannot tell. But to every rumor there's an element of truth.
We are all familiar with the continuous rises in the cost of living in Nigeria today. with the ban on importation here and there it is time to look inward and search for cheaper ways to produce these things. too much importation drags an economy into over-dependence anyway.this is a great time for indigenous producers to spring up and for existing producers to beef up quality of Goods and services so as to enable their products compete favorably in the market.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Trump Deletes Gay, Homosexual,and Lesbian

It was noticed yesterday that the page on USA's main website that once carried Gay, Homosexual and Lesbian rights have vanished, or rightly put, been deleted thanks to President Trump. Hmm. CHANGE has started. we wanted change in Nigeria and Americas the one getting it. life isnt fair hehehe.

Trump : Bringing Jesus back

Trump seems to be Bringing the Jesus factor back into the American political system as hinted during his inauguration yesterday. the Question now is this, Is he as Awful as they say he is? Thats for you to judge. but it would be nice to bring God back into the American picture. After-all their slogan reads "In God we Trust".

Hello ILNB's

If you're wondering what LNB stands for then crack your heads no further. LNB stands for Lazy News Bloggers, and as for the "I" in front, well, i guess you've figured that out  hehehe. I am Imade Osas, a verry verry Lazy blogger lol. i know you're wandering what this Blog is about. Ever wandered why news have to be so long and boring and why you have to go through all the boring news to get to the juicy ones? well i have too. so this blog i for people like Me that like to hear short but juicy news in reaaal time. So stay tuned for hot news from politics to who or whats trending cos we just getting Started baby. once again i say welcome. i'm so pshyched. i hope you are too.

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