Friday, 11 August 2017

Make-up Essentials for the Classy Bosschick

Its no news that acing makeup hundred percent of the time is a girls dream but is it really achievable? I mean not all of us are professional makeup artists but hey, we would like to draw our eyebrows to match and get the right tone after blending our foundation; I know I would. lol. I walked into a studio for a photo shoot and a lady walked up to me and asked me what make up brands I used and how I used it. I'm not a fan of artificial make up although all makeup is artificial right. I love simple but classy makeup.
But for an affordable yet classy makeup you'd need the following essentials.

Not all of us have flawless skin but if you do then you're blessed. but if you have something to hide than concealers got your back. Rub a little on the little bad boy and blend till its fully covered

A good foundation should even out your tone after blending. You can use foundation a few shades lighter to highlight and a darker shade to contour. Too light and you might look like a geisha. lol

Loose or Pressed Powder
For the perfect finish apply powder, pressed or loose, Sometimes when I don't want to look too loud I just highlight and contour with my powder palette.

For that edgy eye define you lashes with mascara.

Natural eyeshadow
Sometimes I use these and people hardly notice that have them on.

Translucent Powder
For long lasting makeup and glow you'll need this miracle powder. Dust it on highlighted areas, let it sit,then even out and your ready to strut your stuff.

Fluffy Powder brush
Applying powder with a fluffy powder brush can be so effortless and fun.
Hope this was helpful. Comments are welcome.

Kindly leave comments and Questions in the comment section. Will be glad to answer them. I hope this helped. Later fam.

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