Friday, 12 May 2017

The Wedding Party 2: Business Implication

In media its not uncommon to see personal brands push and sell a product, in this case a movie.
The wedding Party exceeded expectations after its release last year raking in about N450 million with an initial budget of N60 million. Huge turn over if you ask me.....

The Nollywood heavy weights that were featured in the movie contributed to this. And now with The Wedding party 2 on its way the expectations are higher that ever. But thankfully there has been a funny twist of events it a set-forward. The two lead stars of the movie,Adesua Etomi and Banky W, got hitched in real life. Their personal, now joint, brands will be sending earnings through the roof.

The Implications, positive PR. I mean who doesn't love a good love story, especially one set in real life.

My prediction? This romantic turn of events has already stirred up more awareness and people are anxious to see what happens next, and in effect, when the sequel finally hits the cinemas and film houses they are going to rake in more impressive earnings that the premier edition. If I wasn't such a helpless romantic I'd say this was one mighty set-up. lol.

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